Who We Are

In Zermatt, we strive to build a boutique sensory experience to teach, excite and educate in all aspects of food, craft, design, and drink.

Since 2017, we have shaped and renewed the way we dine in Zermatt. Welcome to Zermatt Kollektiv – your access to a world of unique interactive restaurant experiences.

We are a group of hospitality professionals. The concept was brought to life and supported by eclectic and passionate industry specialists: chefs, coffee, enthusiasts, pâtissiers, ceramists, artists, writers, sensory judges, bakers, designers, and all-around dreamers.

At Zermatt Kollektiv you can learn to create your own ceramics, roast and brew a cup of coffee, spend time with the chefs in the open-concept kitchen to see the fresh, seasonal ingredients transformed into works of art onto your plate, and be part of both the philosophy and the execution of the Kollektiv.